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गुरुवार, 6 मार्च 2008

MNS - mein nahi sabhya (I am not civilized)

i was reading a news about a Bihari whose hands were cut by MNS activist in Pune. He was living there since last 10 years. He used to sleep on footpath in the night as he was not able to arrange a place to stay in night. i know its not a rare case in India but i am stunned by the act done, Why these political parties always make poor people their target ? I am not going to debate on who can go where to work, But definitely we should ask the question when any political party comes and ask you for a vote ..will you cut my hand if i dont vote for you ? i will not be surprised if their activist will answer Yes by looking on the indian political history. Raj is a young man and he should have some moderate ideas to expand his party, distruction is not the way to grow, it ultimately make victim humanity.

why these Politicians rasie the issue of poverty, deaths due to starvation - see the report where poeple are dying -http://www.globalpolicy.org/socecon/develop/2002/1112starvation.htm

We have seen seperation based on Religion, caste and color and now this is new kind of fobia where peoples are targeted based on the state they belong, this all comes from poltics, comman man of india dont want to do these act, but these leaders provoke and inspire them to do that ..for their popularity and vote bank. When it will come to Vote they will generate fear against muslims, if they think seperating people based on state can increase their vote, they dont hesitate killing, insulting victims. This is BAD politics, dirty fold of someone's selfishness. shame on them.

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