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सोमवार, 28 जनवरी 2008

Time to rethink - 26 Jan

Time to rethink - 26 Jan

there is no doubt we are progressing and making world wonder the way we are excelling in economic and industrial growth. we are now one of the world's fastest growing economy and in abroad we indians are now proud to be indian. the way Srisanth react in cricket, it is the confidence of a new India, emrging india, glorious India. there are hundreds of theories are daily written on our progress across the world. our richest heros from Ratan tata to Mittal, Ambanis to Birals are making enormous deals. But there is also India still living majoirity of them in poverty line, struggling for justice against rich and dirty politics. all politicians are now a days behaving lije goons, same time when we say we are largest democracy in the world we also humiliate ourself than most of the parties are growing based on the fear, cast, division and injustice. In our country still Manmohan Singh cant win the election even from south Delhi and mafia living in Jail like shahabuddin and others can win from anywhere. I have seen in rural areas that these politicians from village level worker to country level leaders all comes in politics to earn money based on illegal work . money which comes for construction and developemnt we even dont spend 10 % of that. people eat money from carosin distribution to road construction..all from contractor to MPs. This is very bad kind of culture growing in majority of india and our politicial need to make themself clean otherwise we are growing on one front and on other front we are making a huge gap and bad example for our future generation. for years , our culture show us the path where we should set examples to our future generations by setting moral and progressing growths. our politicial especially should rethink on their act and behaviour. youths we are indians and lets make our dirty politics clean so that our parents can porudly say that yah my son can join the politics .. it is all clean. politics gives the leadership and the way the country behaves so we really have to have them clean. when i was recently in India for my annual vacation, i went to my village in MP, my one of the uncle is Sarpanch of that village and he is now BJP's president for that small place. i remember 9 years before when he first time fount the election for that village i suppported him as he was young and he talked about change, i worked for him not becasue of he was my relative but as he was BJP member the party i support from all and he talked for change, he indeed brought the change after winning but still he was able to alot money and now he is in active politics to make money from illegal works, he has car and other stuff from that 2 number money, so in my recent visit he offered me to use his car where he displayed in front that he is president of BJP For that area, no one even was collecting Toll from him on highways, Toll guys just used to ignore that car upon looking BJP signboard, people used to salute him just because he was making them fool and they know he is making hell lot of money which is peoples money....this is what kind of culture ? this was the example of a root level worker and all of them are like that even more worse. Where Mayawat and Mulayam singh makes carores of money. they charge 50 lacs for a 1 km Road construction and put most of the money in their pocket. Govt employess and these leaders are really setting bad examples for our future generation. You have to earn black money -- thats kind of culutre we have in our country currently and we really need to rethink on the way we are behaving. we are emerging but same time we are detroying and deteriorating they way we should emerge.

Jai Hind

- Ram

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