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सोमवार, 28 जनवरी 2008

someone is struggling to die

someone is struggling to die

What a diversity India have in terms of rich and poor, casts and religions. I have seen the poor India in my village and I have lived a rich Indian life in metros of Bharat, I have seen the humiliation of lower cast and I have felt the so called proud of belonging to upper cast. 'Moola' I refer to a guy who born in a village of MP and lived his whole life there, he struggled for earning so that he can earn the sort of money to arrange some breads for his kids. It was struggle when it was cold as he don’t have enough money to buy a new 'rajai' comforter, it was struggle for him when it was raining as he is having a small piece of land where his small house of mud is built, it is difficult to live during downpour days there, it was struggle for him when it was hot as he don’t have enough to pay for doctor bill when he or someone in family falls sick due to malaria etc, it was struggle when its voting time for him as everyone was pushing for a vote or bunch of votes of his family, his landlord who belongs to Congress or BJP asking and putting pressure on him to vote for them otherwise they will stop lending money to him, his BSP fellows (rich SC, ST folks) are threatening him to vote for them or otherwise to loose his social status, he has pressure from everywhere, from social workers to goons everyone is making their point based on him. He was struggling when it was a function in his house to arrange the money to entertain guests; he was struggling to make his wife and family happy when they see no hope for living next year due to drought. He was struggling when his small land crops well as his landlord calls him to payback ASAP. He was struggling when it was function at someone else place as he don’t have enough money to buy new /good cloths for his kids or grandkids, he was struggling when his wife was giving birth to his 4th daughter thinking about how he will grow her and thinking about dowry. He was struggling when his elder son wanted to pursue education but he doesn’t have money to pay the fee. He struggled all his life and now he is struggling to walk as he is too old and don’t have money to cure his old and paralyzed body.....he is struggling to end his life. He never saw the happiness even in emerging and shining India, whether it was BJP or Congress or BSP or even Red communist, he never could live his life and no one turn even TV journalist and even NGO workers to make his life in tune with progressive India.

- Ram

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